are you appreciating your music?

Music is a huge part of my life. It always has been. But only recently did I realise I was taking music for granted. And I believe so are you. 

What do I mean?

When was the last time you truly experienced music? When was the last time you closed your eyes and paid attention to the rhythm ? When was the last time you got goosebumps due to a song?

The more we listen to music passively the lesser its impacts on us. Once in awhile close your eyes, play your favourite album. Just experience the music. It will change the way you see it henceforth.

In the past few decades listening to music has slowly become a secondary activity. During exercise, studies, travelling, chores, etc. It greatly improves our performance for the same. It makes the task easier and enjoyable. But that is all that music has come to. Listening to music has become an accessory. We just listen to music now. We do not experience it. Wonder why we enjoy concerts so much?

Do you want to appreciate your music?

Listen to the full album, not only that one famous song that’s become a trend now – we’ve all been guilty of listening to only a particular song because it’s taken over our feeds and we want to jump on the bandwagon train! A lot of time is spent behind creating and selecting the songs that are put in the album. Try to understand the story and meaning behind their album and avoid skipping tracks. What is your all time favourite album?

English or Hindi? Slow or pop? Do not compare styles and artists. Each artist has their own unique quirks, learn to appreciate them for their individuality and originality. What’s your favourite genre? Does your favourite artist perform in the same genre?

Learn more about the artist. Researching more about the artists and their inspiration will greatly improve your understanding of their art. You experience the journey with them. 

Find smaller artist so you “discovered” them. The proud feeling of finding a great artist and sharing them with your friends. You form an attachment with the artist that you “discovered” them. Remember that feeling of sharing a new song that’s an absolute banger? Ah, yes now imagine it multiply when you introduce your friends to a whole new artist!

Music has become too convenient. We no longer need to spend hours listening to songs to make a playlist we enjoy. Today Spotify makes one for you! But the efforts spent behind making your perfect playlist always heightened the experience. The premade playlist is not personal enough. They suggest songs similar to ones you already listen to, it does not help expand your genre tastes. Our preferences have become a comfort zone and we no longer step out. The playlists you make will always tell a story, it will have an arc. It will expose you to so many different varieties of songs you are bound to find a category you will enjoy. Sharing your playlist is also very personal. Showing someone your playlist is like showing a different side of you.

Every once in awhile take time to appreciate the music. For far too long listening to music has become a secondary activity, let us make it mainstream again. 

When do you enjoy listening to music the most? Make a playlist, and just listen. It will be a different experience. It will change the way you see it henceforth.

Base Playlists for you to build your own on

Rainy Days –  calming, soothing Hindi songs. To be played when it is raining heavily and you have a hot cup of tea.

Summer Nights – upbeat, happy Hindi songs. To be played during late night drives with your friends. Full volume, windows down.

Hazed – laidback, chill English songs. To be played when you are in a mood to zone out. It has a lot of different genres

Blurr –  bright, loud English songs. To be played to block out your thoughts. Excellent for workout motivation too.


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