Are Blue Light Filter Glasses Worth It

The recent rise in the demand for blue light filter glasses is giving rise to a new industry. 

But are they effective?

What is blue light?

Blue light has a very short wavelength so it produces extremely high energy. Originally blue light was only emitted from the sun but after the rise of screens, the blue light emitted from almost every digital device with a screen. 

Why is blue light important?

We humans are super cool. Blue light helps us regulate our sleep cycle. Before the artificial blue light from screens, natural blue light was to boost your alertness, elevate your moods, heighten your reaction times and increase your overall feeling of wellbeing. Hence we feel energetic during the day. Our bodies were subconsciously trained that we need to wake up when we see the blue sky. That’s why during night outs we feel fresh after seeing the sunrise but pass out by 12 pm later that afternoon. It’s natural. However with artificial blue light, our brain gets confused, even though you are mindlessly scrolling at 3 am and are supposed to be tired, subconsciously your brain thinks it is daytime and it needs to be active. It ruins your sleep cycle. 

High amounts of artificial blue light can cause eye strain, mental fatigues and headaches. 

How to protect against blue light?

  1. Set night mode on all your devices (it turns the screen yellow)
  2. Blink more often 
  3. Clean your screen
  4. Take breaks from your binge sessions
  5. Prefer not using screens one hour before sleeping
  6. Blue light glasses

Are blue light glasses effective?

There is not enough research to back that claim. Many research studies have found it to be ineffective with helping reduce eye strain. However many users have noted that eye strain, headaches have reduced after wearing blue light filter eyewear. Many eye professionals believe they have benefits. If it aids you, go for it. 

Which glasses to buy?

One has to be very skeptical before purchasing one. Manier times they are just marketed well and can prove to be ineffective. Do your homework before ordering a pair, read the reviews.

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