Artist of the Month Irrfan Khan

There are actors who are remembered and there are actors who are never forgotten. 

Irrfan Khan is an actor who will never be forgotten. He has conquered the hills of Hollywood and sat on the throne of Bollywood. A man from nowhere who made his mark everywhere. 

There are very few “celebrities” who I admire from a professional standpoint and even fewer who I respect personally. Irrfan Khan tops both. That man oozes class and charm, something very rare to find today. He did not have to pretend to be a likeable personality for his PR team, he was just a good hardworking man who paid for his success in blood, sweat and tears. 

Born in a small town in Rajasthan, he was the son of a tyre salesman. He had an option to play cricket in the CK Naydu trophy ( stepping stone for first-class cricket in India ) but opted out as he could not afford the travel expenses. After he graduated from National School of Drama, he worked as an AC repairman in his early days in Mumbai. He visited the home Rajesh Khanna to repair his AC and was starstruck after seeing his idol. 

His acting is effortless and natural. He plays each character to perfection. The audience can feel the emotions played by him, that’s how you know he was world class. His suave speaking style in hollywood to his desi accent he could do it all. He was up to date and one of the only few actors who understood the meme culture as seen in AIB videos. An overall likeable personality allowed him to have a much more welcoming relationship with his fans.

What I also loved about him was his choice of movies. He was not a sell-out. He did not just select films for commercial reasons, only doing blockbuster scripts. He respected the art of cinema and contributed immensely with his choice of roles like his work in The Namesake, Madaari and The Lunchbox. 

One of the finest actors produced by our country who bridged the gap between hollywood and bollywood. He made his mark in the world of cinema and in our hearts. 

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