artist of the month Piyush Bhisekar

This month, we are featuring one of the most promising rising talents from India. His soulful, sweet voice and heartfelt lyrics are like a balm for your heart. His debutant album, “Hai Bharosa” is the perfect album to listen to with a hot cup of Chai. It is painful how underrated he is. Play his album and it will slow down time for you.

Music Analysis

Wajah – With the prettiest start he talks about hidden smiles, unspoken stories shared through the eyes. The deafening silence of hearts accepting one another. The lustrous violin paired with the traditional tabla engulfs you in a trance. 

“Gham ka saaya koi

 Meri bahoon mein tu roo lena

 Phir muskura ke tu yu hi

 Kehna aankhon mein tha kuch toh phas gaya”

Wonderfully performed and a must-add to your Rainy Days playlist.


Tu Hai Wajah – Happy, upbeat, and cheerful. He sings about your feelings when you meet ‘the one’, how you spoke and fell in love, slowly, how the shyness turned to confidence, slowly. The love blossomed, slowly. 

“Raat dhai baje

 Tune mujhko likha

 Need teri gumm hai kaha”

My sleepless nights, my hidden smiles. Tu hai wajah.

Artist analysis

Piyush has been performing music since he was 7 years old. He is a hidden gem, your 3 am medicine.

His latest single ‘Sabr.

‘Sabr’ is an Urdu word which means ‘Perseverance’ or ‘Persistence’. This song talks about giving yourself a chance to heal, a chance to hold on through the tough times and smile off every challenge. With advancing lifestyles, mental health somehow still remains a stigmatic topic to touch upon. This song is a conversation I had with myself when I was going through a rough patch in my life a few years ago and I hope it offers a ray of hope, eases your journey towards healing.

– Piyush Bhisekar

He holds amazing mini concerts where you can vibe with him and talk about life!

Follow him on his social media handles.



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