Meet Shah

My dreams are big. My mistakes? Bigger.

Meet’s 2020

I remember mid-Jan 2020 I asked my parents should I look for alternate transportation for college due to Covid 19 as the local train felt risky. They promptly responded with a question and a statement! What is Covid 19? Stop being so scared! Here we are almost a year later where this virus took the …

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Ponzi Scheme

What is a Ponzi Scheme? To explain it in the simplest words, it is “21 din main paisa double”. It is an investing scam that promises to generate returns to users from the investment of newer users. It does not have any business activity from which it can earn a profit. All it does is …

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Tech I Like – Kindle

I love reading. I used to stay up the full night devouring books one by one. But like everyone as time passed my reading reduced due to other convenient options of entertainment. Mainly social media, tv shows and movies. The nights of binge reading turned to binge watching and somewhere along those lines, I stopped …

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How To Avoid Taxes

Tax Havens Roughly $8.7 trillion is held in offshore accounts and tax havens.  Let me repeat it for you – $8,700,000,000,000. If divided between everyone on Earth, each person will receive $1115. That is a lot of money. And that money is hidden. ( This figure does not account for non-financial wealth like yachts, artwork, …

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dear men,

This poem is dedicated to my father, my idol.  (Sarju Shah) Dear men, Remember when you were 21? Life was fun. You had stars in your eyes, Caught by surprise. Then came the careers, Then came the fears. You gave up your dreams, You gave up your tears. Just a boy with an aim, To …

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