Virangi Doshi

An artist, book addict, and an impulsive poet on a pilgrimage to find and write raw unaltered poetry.

Vedas And Upanishads

VEDAS AND UPANISHADS We often come across the term Vedas and Upanishads or have heard of these terms when related to the Hindu Mythology. So what exactly are these Vedas and Upanishads, and why do we follow them? Vedas The Vedas are the oldest Hindu texts that date back to centuries ago. Hindus regard the Vedas …

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I still remember the very moment we clicked that picture and no amount of words would do justice to my myriad of emotions that I probably never will be able to find the right words for, hence I tend to leave it just at the picture but I want you to know that it’s this …

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Johari Window

What is “The Johari Window?” Johari window is a psychological tool to self-assess one’s behaviour as well as your relationship with others, through feedback or disclosure. It is one of the most effective means of self-analysis by considering the perspective of others to understand yourself in a better way. The Johari Window model was propounded …

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Virangi’s 2020

You know there is this point in life when the world seems to be at a standstill when suddenly everything seems to cease to exist and it all looks blurry as if you’re looking at a far-fetched city landscape, from high above the clouds, when you sort of feel withdrawn from the very scene, while …

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