Akshit Mehta

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I Am The Danger

Breaking Bad, arguably the best television series mankind has ever made/will ever make. This show was basically a science experiment; to make the most perfect TV show ever. Results were above positive expectations. There is nothing about this show which has fallen short. Even after 8 years since it’s season finale, no show has even …

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The Joker vs The Mob

When I think about why The Dark Knight works so well, the answer always seems clear: The Joker There have been psychopathic villains before. Other antagonists with elaborate, twisting plans…But there’s something special about The Joker. In this article I’m going to breakdown the scene where he is introduced, that scene being him meeting the …

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Nirmal Baba & Red Chutney

History of worshipping saints started during Bhakti movement, a theistic devotional trend that emerged in medieval Hinduism which later acted as the de facto catalyst to the formation of Sikhism, and witnessed some of the notable souls like Saint Kabir and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu among many more and their teaching which gave meaning to people’s life. …

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