Akshit Mehta

I'm a Savage. Pyaasa, Gamer, Average.


Nirmal Baba & Red Chutney

History of worshipping saints started during Bhakti movement, a theistic devotional trend that emerged in medieval Hinduism which later acted as the de facto catalyst to the formation of Sikhism, and witnessed some of the notable souls like Saint Kabir and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu among many more and their teaching which gave meaning to people’s life. …

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Men’s Fashion

The Supreme Clickbait The world of men’s fashion is a wacky, wild and turbulent place where 10 years ago if you asked a men’s fashion talent for some advice, they’d say, “Yeah, just wear jeans and a t-shirt that fits properly, and you’d be leagues ahead of your average dad just by doing that.” Nowadays …

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