Automatic Writing – How to Communicate with Spirits

Q. Tell us about yourself and what do you do?

My name is Megha Darji. As a career, I was an airhostess for around 4 – 4.5 years. I did not enjoy it any longer, so I left the job. I soon started questioning about our existence. 

Why am I here?

What is the purpose of my life?

Do I have a meaning?

Are we just here to eat and sleep?

I had this wonderful habit of reading, so I read a lot of self help and philosophical books, with that I developed a lot of interest in energy. The more I read about energy, the more it fascinated me. Everything in this universe is made up of energy. I started researching our old age wisdom like vedic and ancient Indian scriptures. And I came to the conclusion that all these questions about existence that we have, are already answered thousands of years ago. I discovered our purpose over here. At this point of time, it is only to discover that ancient wisdom and move ahead in our soul journey.

Q. What is automatic writing?

Auto writing is when your energy, it connects with other energies. It could be any energy that you wish to get in touch with. It can be your higher self, your master’s energy, your spirit guide or some angels, any energy that you would want to get in touch with it. It can also be some deceased ones as well. But that happens with the permission only. When you have permission to connect with that particular soul energy, then only we go ahead because we need to respect that energy. We cannot mingle or we cannot interfere into anybody’s Free Will choices as we all have free will choices, correct right? It is a process where we I as a channel, can connect with that energy and that energy enters into our crown chakra, (points toward head) and it comes down and then it comes into your hand and your hand starts moving.

There are two ways to practice it. 

1. When you get into absolute trance mode, you are not aware of what’s happening around and you just channel.

2. The other process that we practice is the partial awareness. So in that partial awareness. You are aware about the surroundings, where you are sitting, what you’re doing, who’s asking you questions and everything, but you’re not very, very aware about the movement of your hand. So you just have to leave it loose and then it will just move on its own. It can be some kind of scribbling or it can be just up and down straight lines or some words. And once you receive, you also start speaking. So that is the process in which it comes in the energy form and then it gets translated into your understandable language.

Q. So how does the process of automatic writing start?

It’s very, very simple. All you need to do to be a channel, is to totally be in oneness with yourself. Let me tell you that the way it sounds so simple, when you practice it, it’s not very easy to be in oneness with yourself. It takes a lot of practice. But what is important is to know how truthful you are to yourself, how true, how clear, how transparent you are to your own self. You don’t have to be true to others, or you don’t need to show a facade to anyone else, but it’s the process where you connect with your own self. 

Q. What are some of the instruments you use when you’re connecting? Are there certain protocols you have to follow during automatic writing? I noticed a flame behind you.

Yeah, sure. Okay so why keep a flame? They say that even the Masters do that every time you channel or you get a message or you want to connect, you’ll always have a candle with you, or any kind of fire element. If not a candle, then you can light a diya also, that’s okay. Any kind of flame is important. Why? Now, that is the re-presentation of the fire element, so that’s the Central Sun first of all, and the second thing is because this is all about energy. You are getting in touch with the energy, which is not yours, so that when you have that fire around you, there is a process that you need to follow where you open up your protective channel. But with that, if there is any other energy which tries to come in contact with you with that fire, it will just diminish, and it will merge into the fire. So, it will not affect your energy. That is why you’re supposed to have a flame around you. To protect you. 

It is recommended that you do it from the morning to sunset only. And also, one important thing that I noticed among many is that they come to me and say that we’ve tried this once. So, we’ve tried this, just out of curiosity. I tell them that, please, please, please, do not attempt this on your own. If you have a professional channel with you, who’s supervising your process, or you are getting it done from a professional channel, then it’s okay. But otherwise, I know that this is very fascinating. And out of curiosity we would like to try. But please do not try because when you are not trained for it, when you don’t understand the foundation of it and there are different energies you don’t know whom you’re getting in touch with. And you might invite some unpleasant experiences. So please don’t try anything on your own.

Q. Is it a two way communication?

It is a two way communication definitely. But what I practice is that, first if you come to me, I will be receiving the messages, whatever that is meant for you from your spirit guide, as a respect to that energy (spirit guide). And then once I feel that now, we are done receiving the messages, I will ask you to go ahead with your question. So you ask one question, and the answer comes. You ask another question and the answer. It is very spontaneous. And another thing, which I practice is that I don’t ask anything beforehand. Like if we have a session tomorrow, I will not ask you about your history, or what you are going through. Because I do not want my mind to be influenced by your thoughts.

Q. How do you take permission to connect with the energy?

There is a process with which we ask for permission. There has to be a device where we can see yes and no. I use a pendulum. So a pendulum is something that can show me the answer. When it is showing me Yes, it moves clockwise, and when it is showing No, it moves anti clockwise. Most of the time, we do get permission, but there are a few cases where we don’t get permission (if the deceased ones have had an unnatural death, like suicide or murder), because it is considered that you go against the will of God. That is considered as a crime. So you stay in the astral world for a long, long period of time. And, you don’t get permission to communicate because they are in constant denial of where they are.

Q. What if you receive a no from someone who is murdered or commited suicide, is there any other way?

We request the higher energies or the angels to intervene into the situation and help that soul at least to come into willingness. Once they come into willingness, they will be more open to accept where they are, as well as the family members also get a lot of peace and closure.

Q. How did you discover your gift?

So I got trained with the “Heal Your Life”. It is based in the US. There is a teacher named Louise Hay. She developed this philosophy talking about thoughts, how thoughts are created and how you can change your reality just by changing your simple thoughts. So in that, I also researched, I worked, and I conducted a lot of workshops. I came in touch with many people. I understood that in all sickness, all illness, from cold to cancer, everything is due to our emotional pattern and our thought patterns. By learning all this, in 2011, I started learning about the energy world. And then in 2015, I was doing one of the teacher training courses for Maneki rights, which is from Machu Picchu. It is called the rites which were practiced by the ancient elders of the Inca tribe, so these are the healing rights. They are passed on from one generation to another, and I was getting initiated for that. And in that something very, very magical, and something very unexpected happened to me in 2015. 

So, you know, if you talk about it, and if you hear it for the very first time, it’s quite unbelievable, but it is true that I started hearing some voices, and I started writing something. I started speaking something and I had no clue what I was hearing, what I was writing, but then the teacher who was there, who was initiating me into those rights, told me I was a channel. So, she was getting this light language and she said that you know, you are also now the chosen one and you will receive the messages that the Ancient Ones, all the elders want to tell you. 

I was very, very skeptical. And you know, I was looking for some kind of logic and reason. And I was like, this does not make sense. I was not very sure that, you know, how do I put it across? And what do I do? If I tell someone, everybody’s going to laugh at me that no, you please go and meet some psychiatrist, you need some treatment or something, but then I just kept it to myself. I was like, it’s not harming me. It is not making me any delusional or anything of that sort. I was in touch with a couple of channels internationally who are also into this channeling light language. So they were guiding me but I was absolutely quiet because in India, this is still a new concept and something that people have not heard about.

Q. How did you feel after discovering your gift?

I was like this is all rubbish. You know, this cannot exist. You need to have something that you can understand, you need to have something that you can relate to. You just can’t write anything, some language that you don’t understand. So I just requested one day in my meditation that if this is really a gift, then give me something which I can share with the world. I felt nobody would believe me. I myself didn’t believe in this and I didn’t know how to take this further. So I requested please give me something or show me a path where I can take this to more and more people. And then I got a message that you have to do it through auto writing. So that’s where this automatic writing process came into play. Now, this automatic writing, I had always read about. I read 2-3 books about it. When they say that, you know, you can connect with the energy, you can write down the messages that they have to tell you. For that you just need to be a channel and you need to work on yourself where you are absolutely in oneness with the universe and blah, blah, blah.

I read it, and I kept that book away, but I never believed that I am going to do that myself. So when I was doing the 21 days practice, very few people knew, but I would like to share this with you today that I received, I started receiving some messages from the Emperor Kanishka. And I have never read about him in my life. I was absolutely unaware of what is coming in, but I just kept receiving. So in that I received messages from him of what kind of Emperor he was. He has built a stupa. And I just kept writing, writing and writing. As time passed, I forgot about it. Now after a year, when I was watching a documentary on Buddha sutra, it’s on Netflix, they started talking about the history of Buddhism, where this Emperor came into play from the Gosha Bush dynasty. And then I just jumped like, Oh, I know something I have written. And then when I checked my book, what I received was matching with what was on the documentary.

Q. So did you first feel like you are the chosen one or you have the gift in your adult life? Or do you have childhood instances where you felt like this is your calling?

So, now that you know, when I look back in time, I now understand that I have always had a series of dreams since childhood, and those series of dreams are still there. But I have noticed that the theme remains the same and the background changes. So when I was little, I always had a dream of climbing a mountain and there is some kind of some spirituality on the peak of that mountain. But I’m walking, and I can’t reach it. That dream reoccurred many, many years, and then it stopped.

Q. How does one know they have the gift?

The simplest way to discover that this is something meant for you is to know it by your heart. When you hear it, or read about it, you start getting drawn to it. You feel this is something I need to read more or learn more about. So that’s the first instinct that your consciousness gives you. This is the direction for you to take it ahead.

Q. You must have helped many people in your journey so far. Can you give some of the best experiences you had with automatic writing?

Yeah, sure. This lady, she wanted to connect with her mother who passed away six months back. And instead, interestingly, they were just getting the three words through different healers, the ones her mother was repeating on her deathbed. Even when her mother was on the deathbed for the last 10 days, she was not able to speak, but she was only saying those three words. So she wanted me to decode those three words.

  1. The first word that she repeated was Baa. When I was channeling, I just saw that when she was on her deathbed, the bed where she was lying down and on her right, she could see her mother coming to take her. So I said, on her right hand side, I can see her mother. My client was in shock. Afterwards, once I finished she said that you are absolutely right because when she was saying Baa, she was only pointing out to her right! 

  1. The second one was Paisa (Money). In my channeling I could see the mother was talking about an Iron cupboard, second shelf, in the white cloth she had some money hidden. Her mother was talking about it. My client revealed that just a few days back while cleaning, they found money in the exact location. 

  1. The third word I cannot reveal due to confidentiality reasons.

Q. These are all the positive experiences you shared, could share a few negative ones as well?

Firstly, if a soul is not willing to connect, we straightaway get a No. So, there is nothing as a bad experience. I can say nothing as specific that I have come across till now that is a bad experience, it’s only the connection to me and then once the connection is over, we disconnect with that energy, because then it’s only for that amount of time, like whatever, 30-45 one hour that I’m connected, right? So I disconnect with that energy and that’s it.

Q. So can you give an example of a few unpleasant experiences that have happened? Not with you particularly, but also with other people you know of?

Yes, sure. I had a workshop in Lebanon last year I visited and there was this student who came to me and she’s like, I have been receiving the messages, and I was scribbling and all that. But then I met with an accident and I stopped channeling. I asked, what happened? You please tell me in detail so that I can understand. She replied, I read it somewhere and I saw some YouTube videos, where they show that this is the process and you can also try it on your own. This is not for an entertainment purpose. Let me tell you that. This might sound like oh my god, let’s just try it once. But NO, you shouldn’t be doing it. Anyway, she was just doing it and said that, I’m also a channel, I feel that within me. She was a brilliant channel, but she did not know the proper process of it. So, she was inviting the spirit energies. And she said that I was writing it for a year. And somehow, I used to feel sometimes somebody used to disturb me at night. In the end, why she stopped is because when she was driving she felt somebody is just there on the windscreen and trying to communicate or trying to give some message, but she was not able to hear it. She felt that somebody was behind her. She was only feeling the energy okay, she was not seeing anything, and that really distracted her from the path and she met with an accident and when she came for the workshop, she had her knee injured. So, she said that, this happened like seven eight months back. So, it might give you a lot of distractions. It might make you delusional. And, our mind is anyways very creative. Things that are actually not there, you start seeing them in that manner. So, I wouldn’t really be supporting any kind of a superstition or blindly believing anything. Because whatever practice that I am into today and what I have developed, I have asked thousands of times to myself. I have met some of the experts and then we’ve created the channel and the process, which is absolutely safe for the channel to practice for a long period of time. So, just don’t do anything out of curiosity, but rather just get into detail, know the reasons, ask questions, and then when you get convinced only then you believe. 

Q. What is the astral world?

Basically, we have three worlds.

  1. One is the earth, 
  2. Then we call the astral plane. It’s what we have seen in movies or read in the books also. When we leave the body, our soul kind of hovers over our body or the house all the way around the Earth. So when we are around, or that’s the phase which is called the astral plane. And, it is also felt during dreams. Sometimes, we kind of know, when we get up in the morning, we feel that oh my god, we’ve traveled so much and, when you come back, we feel so tired. So, it means that maybe we have Astral traveled. So, that’s the in between phase that we have.
  3. The spirit plane or the spirit world. For the complete transition, we have to get into astral form and from the astral plane we go to the spirit world. As we call, the light at the end of the tunnel is the astral world and the light is the spiritual one.

Q. How does one get stuck in the astral world?

Other than unnatural death, cases of attachments cause one to get stuck in the astral world. If you look at our Indian culture, we’ve always said or heard that once you get into the senior citizen age, you have to start detaching yourself with the worldly things. We always emphasize on detaching with worldly attachments. That is important. This is important for the transition of the soul. There are some people, some souls who are absolutely attached to the house, money or even clothes. For example, I was shocked to witness that there was a soul of a lady, who was attached with her saris, a collection of saris. She was not ready to let go of that collection, can you imagine? 

Q. How is the spirit world different from the astral world?

Astral world as I said has all the souls who are very earthbound or anybody who has an unfulfilled desire. They stay back due to their attachments or their expectations. But the spirit world is something that’s the light. So, Yes! Then there are different levels in the spirit world. There are seven levels or seven realms as we call it. So, all the people who are into a lot of cruel karma, or who are harming other people, or who are doing evil by taking advantage or doing bad things to others, they all go to the lower realms of the spirit world.

Q. Are you describing heaven and hell?

You can call it heaven and hell also, but there is nothing as heaven and hell. There are just the lower and the upper realms that we have.

Q. So, earlier you gave an example of when you connected with the energy of the king. So, are there any other such interesting people and interesting energies you have connected with over the years?

As I said that I connect with light language. It is also called the universal language, language of the soul and an alien language okay. So, I have had messages from the other galaxies and planets where they talk about 2020. This shift we’ve had this year in every aspect of life, I had this message in 2017. They informed me saying there is a transition which is coming up in May 2020 and it will go on till 2023. So, why is 2020 called a transition year. I received a message about the mother earth raising its vibrations. It is moving on to the so-called “fifth dimension.” The fifth dimension to explain in layman’s terms, if you have watched Interstellar, they talk about the fifth dimension. So, right now, we are in the third dimension and all the people or all the souls who are on their spiritual journey, who are connected with their spiritual journey, they’re slowly getting ready to move to the fifth dimension and as we are getting ready too. The mother earth’s energy has to rise up so that it can transition into that energy. So, when the energies are rising up, everything which cannot keep up with the new has to get destroyed. So, that is why there is lot of uncertainty and the kind of vibration, which is felt at this point of time, relates to the start and end of an age, like Mayan Age, Ice age. So that time, whatever the energy was felt , is the same transition energy that is felt in 2020. The only difference is, every time in the past or in history, there has been a massive destruction or, it happens overnight. But this time as we are moving towards the fifth dimension, we’ve been given a choice to slowly vibrate into higher energies and then move towards it. So, there is a destruction, there is uncertainty, there is a change, right, but it’s much gentler than what has happened in the past. It is a much slower process. 

Megha Darji is a gifted channel of the divine light language. She also is a life coach for the wanderers. Shas just launched her book the Mystical Girnar for those who want to quench their thirst for spiritual knowledge, asceticism and vedic wisdom. 

You can learn more about her on her website –

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