Beautifying Ego

Heal your ego in such a way that it identifies with your consciousness to a certain balance. One must draft the beauty and the course of the spirit self into one’s subconscious identity, without losing the awareness and sight. Be the joyful thorny bushes giggling wide with the winds, predating upon the violator only when violated.

I or the identity of our physical reality’s self, acknowledges itself as an ego. A person with complete awareness of self, masters the ego but a person who is in itself an imagination of who he wants to be or was, becomes a servant to the ego. It is to say that if you don’t identify yourself with your true nature of self in balance with your physical being, you’re a tiger by the day and a pussy cat by the night. The nature of your existence in this case in itself is erratic, so your entire reality becomes turbulent and one becomes unpredictable even to the self. Tigers would cease to exist if they were to forget of their carnivorous reality.

Ego is that driving element of our life that is a constant companion till death. When one dies, so does his identity or his physical ego. It plays a big part in the spiritual journey of a person. Ego is not meant to be negated or depleted. We all have a sense of ego or a sense of identity because it serves a purpose. To master your ego is to master the highest form of self. Man has the power to mold himself into any identity he desires and along with that power also come its illusions. These illusions that take you away from your true self, form a chain of habit or comfort. Habit is not the nature of our consciousness. Our consciousness is the eternal self and what is eternal cannot be confined to particulars. So, when the Ego of self identifies with one’s true self or one’s consciousness to a certain extent, one carries out their actions with the sound awareness that births out of that balance between the ego self and the spirit self. It is to say that Tom, who identifies as an angry person could go on to willfully unlearn the permanence of anger and become Tom, who could be angry when need be. It is the Will that creates the self and it is the Will that destroys the self.

Training the ego self is like taming a lion with a whip of grass. It’s conditionally fickle and often insecure nature is meant to be nurtured with self-love, devotion and discipline. Observe the ways of your ego and watch how it wanders and how it thinks in the present moment. Even to train a circus elephant, we need to know of the psychological reality of the elephant first. Our job is to train our ego in a certain way that it doesn’t become a hitch in our own way. Our ego is a habituated identity and to heal the ego in order to create your balance means to unlearn everything you have learned about yourself which has become a subconscious habit(fear, anxiety, hatred, self-loathing, attachment) and develop new habits that identify with your true self (love, happiness, strength, self-belief). Once your mind subconsciously starts identifying yourself with this new habitat of self-identification, your ego will become your friend rather than a foe and the balance with your consciousness will become your reality.


Shreyas Narain

Exploring life energy within me and around me to access all the tools naturally available to humanity. After all, nobody wants to miss out on the good stuff.


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