Vedas And Upanishads

VEDAS AND UPANISHADS We often come across the term Vedas and Upanishads or have heard of these terms when related to the Hindu Mythology. So what exactly are these Vedas and Upanishads, and why do we follow them? Vedas The Vedas are the oldest Hindu texts that date back to centuries ago. Hindus regard the Vedas …

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Nirmal Baba & Red Chutney

History of worshipping saints started during Bhakti movement, a theistic devotional trend that emerged in medieval Hinduism which later acted as the de facto catalyst to the formation of Sikhism, and witnessed some of the notable souls like Saint Kabir and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu among many more and their teaching which gave meaning to people’s life. …

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Gaming In India

Why is this $160 billion industry treated as a crime in India? The sheer disappointment and disbelief on any Indian parents face when you apprise them that you’re gonna head to a gaming cafe. The recent burst of the gaming industry in India has done wonders and caused it to have a projected growth of …

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An Era Of Emergency

The Emergency, often referred to as one of the most controversial events of the relatively short history of Independent India, was enforced on 25th June 1975. Former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, on the order of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, declared a 21-month long national Emergency. The Prime minister was bestowed with the authority to rule by …

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How To Avoid Taxes

Tax Havens Roughly $8.7 trillion is held in offshore accounts and tax havens.  Let me repeat it for you – $8,700,000,000,000. If divided between everyone on Earth, each person will receive $1115. That is a lot of money. And that money is hidden. ( This figure does not account for non-financial wealth like yachts, artwork, …

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European Debt Crisis

Introduction In the 21st century where the world economy is immensely integrated and diverse, we see that there is dependency between nations and this integration among countries have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Talking about trade and diversification of technology, such a kind of  integration can help boost GDP and  help in the growth …

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$73 billion budget

Every year on the 15th of August, on India’s Independence Day, we show off new arms and ammunition acquired. We show off our military strength with immense pride. For FY 2020 – 21, India’s defence budget was $73.65 billion amounting to 2.1% of the GDP. We are now the third biggest spender on defence in the world …

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women make India

‘Women are bad drivers’. Firstly, untrue. Secondly, this is exactly what casual sexism is. Discriminating against women because of their sex based on prejudice or stereotypical thinking. While sometimes sexism can be explicit like female foeticide or rape, more subtle discrimination is casual sexism.  There is an immense lack of education, logic and understanding when …

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