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Beautifying Ego

Heal your ego in such a way that it identifies with your consciousness to a certain balance. One must draft the beauty and the course of the spirit self into one’s subconscious identity, without losing the awareness and sight. Be the joyful thorny bushes giggling wide with the winds, predating upon the violator only when …

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Mystical Girnar

Days were smoothly passing by with my regular practise of reading one book after another. Suddenly I get a message by a friend about a book he bought. The picture of the book instantly pulled my heart towards it and ordered immediately from Amazon. I waited eagerly for it to arrive as if waiting for …

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Smart Labour

Okay, let me begin with a short story. One day a group of 7 year old kids were playing football, and all of them just wanted one thing – the ball! No attack or defence strategy, everyone was just running after the ball, hoping they would get it so they could score a goal. But …

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I Am The Danger

Breaking Bad, arguably the best television series mankind has ever made/will ever make. This show was basically a science experiment; to make the most perfect TV show ever. Results were above positive expectations. There is nothing about this show which has fallen short. Even after 8 years since it’s season finale, no show has even …

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The Joker vs The Mob

When I think about why The Dark Knight works so well, the answer always seems clear: The Joker There have been psychopathic villains before. Other antagonists with elaborate, twisting plans…But there’s something special about The Joker. In this article I’m going to breakdown the scene where he is introduced, that scene being him meeting the …

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Snowpiercer (2013)

Let me start by selling Snowpiercer to you. MCU shills, this film’s cast is led by a bearded Chris Evans. Leftists, the film offers commentaries on various topics featured on your Instagram story’ rants. Action film lovers will be thrilled by the gory fight sequences. Cinephiles will truly appreciate the cinematography, score and acting prowess …

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dear men,

This poem is dedicated to my father, my idol.  (Sarju Shah) Dear men, Remember when you were 21? Life was fun. You had stars in your eyes, Caught by surprise. Then came the careers, Then came the fears. You gave up your dreams, You gave up your tears. Just a boy with an aim, To …

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