Cutting Edge Science In Mahabharat

If there are two things I truly enjoy reading about, then it’s science and Mahabharata. It is a shame that Mahabharata, being a history, seems unbelievable for a prejudiced generation that considers itself as most modern, intellectual and scientific. As a matter of fact, Mahabharata challenges the western world which takes credit for most of the inventions/discoveries that were long before mentioned in this epic. It is, in its truest sense, the OG Game of Thrones.

Technology In Mahabharat

When we read the Mahabharata, we can observe remarkable weapons that were very powerful in magnitude frequently used in the world wars. The descriptions of these weapons clearly indicate an advanced science that possibly existed. How could this be possible?

Nuclear weapons in Mahabharata

In the Mahabharata, the total death toll amounts to around 1.6 billion in a matter of 18 days. How could this be possible unless and otherwise there is an involvement of weapons of mass destruction? Modern archaeological surveys have slowly started to provide us with valuable clues of the war. 

Live Telecasting in Mahabharat

It can be said that the CCTV/LIVE TELECASTING which we use today was also developed at the time of Mahabharata. Because at the time of war, Sanjay described Dhrutashtra the whole war by standing in the Palace. He carefully watched the whole event and described it word by word. 

Medical Science in Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is an encyclopaedic work, which has got some importance from the standpoint of Indian medical science also. According to it Ayurveda was a compulsory subject which was taught to everybody. Perhaps, Mahabharata is the first epic which presents the term Ayurveda.

Abhimanyu, A warrior in the womb

In Mahabharata, when Subhadra was pregnant, Arjun told her the secret of entering the chakravyuh. When he was explaining the exit procedure, Subhadra fell asleep. Hence Abhimanyu learned the entrance procedure while he was in Subhadra’s womb and he never had the chance to learn the exit strategy. There was a time when people criticized this concept of a child learning from the womb of a mother. But further scientific developments have made things very clear and modern science says that it is very much possible.

Cloning, Embryo development and Artificial Fertilization

The science of cloning was well known and practised during the Mahabharata times. Kauravas were created by splitting the single embryo into 100 parts and growing each part in a separate container. In other words, they not only knew about test-tube babies and embryo splitting but also had the technology to grow human foetuses outside the body of a woman.

There is also mention of an embryo, conceived in one womb, being transferred to the womb of another woman from where it is born. The transferred embryo is Balarama and this is how he is a brother to Krishna although he was born to Rohini and not to Devaki.

In the case of Kunti conceiving by chanting mantras through yogic trans, there is fertilization (the process involving a sperm fusing with an ovum) but without physical Intercourse. Maybe the mantra acting like a password invokes the object of Meditation (Indra, Vayu Etc) to transmit its chromosomes to the meditator (using her biological address). A very advanced form of Artificial Fertilization.

Advanced Vision

Modern science clearly states the limitation of our human eye. The eye has a limited size and therefore limited light-gathering power. It is well known that the human eye has a limited frequency response and it can only see electromagnetic radiation in the visible wavelengths. So, what we see is not what exists but what we will be capable to see. So, it may be possible that lord Krishna gave special visionary powers (divine eyes) to Arjuna to have a glimpse of his “Vishwaroopa” (exposing his cosmic body).

Advanced Plastic Surgery or an Alien Bio shield

Karna the son of Surya (sun god) is born with a shield that protects him from weapons. It may be a biological shield similar to the Exoskeleton found in tortoise but incredibly strong. Unlike artificial Exoskeleton used by humans, Karna’s Kavach was blended with his body.

Mahabharat’s scientific and technological descriptions are mind-boggling. I strongly believe it to be history and not mythology. There may be some information addition and personal bias involved due to the long period of time involved. Also, the epic being transmitted from generation to generation through oral communication for almost 3000 years is bound to suffer from information loss. But still, a major portion of it seems to be historical and not fiction for me.

All major inventions were done not by intelligence but by intuition. Einstein famously quoted “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”. 

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