dear men,

This poem is dedicated to my father, my idol.  (Sarju Shah)

Dear men,

Remember when you were 21?

Life was fun.

You had stars in your eyes,

Caught by surprise.

Then came the careers,

Then came the fears.

You gave up your dreams,

You gave up your tears.

Just a boy with an aim,

To leave a mark, 

to make your name.

You worked long,

You worked hard.

You were tired,

You were scarred.

Years have passed,

You have greyed.

Only for others you have prayed.

You were forced to grow up.

But dear men, 

You are just a boy.

-Meet Shah

We, as a society often take for granted the tussle the men in our lives go through. So let this serve as a reminder that the men in our lives give it their all to uplift us. Let’s not forget to show how grateful we are for the men who motivate us, protect us, nurture us & love us selflessly. Day after day we hope you acknowledge their efforts and thank them. Just watch the change it brings within them, lookout for the spark in their eyes & notice the warmth in their hearts.

Dedicate this to the men in your life

Meet Shah

My dreams are big. My mistakes? Bigger.