Kun Faya Kun

Kun Faya Kun A BreakDown

Everyone has heard this hauntingly beautiful take on Sufi Poetry. Kun Faya Kun from the movie rockstar is written by Irshaad Kamil and sung by Javed Ali, Mohil Chauhan and A. R. Rahman. Kun Faya Kun is the closest to spirituality many of us have ever been, the healing power this song holds is ineffable. This song is timeless. Saying that it is a masterpiece would be an understatement.

“Kun Faya Kun”

The literal translation is about The Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it: “Be! and it is.”

This poem has many beautiful verses that leave us wanting more. It acts as a balm to our tired souls. A safe haven. 


Tune Mujko Banaya

Main to Jag Ko na Bhaya

Tune Gale se Lagaya

Haq Tu hi Hai Khudaya

Sach Tu hi Hai Khudaya


(You created me,

 I did not fit into this world.

 But you embraced me,

 Only you are just,

 Only you are truth)

Not fitting into this world and yet being embraced is the deepest desire one has. The spiritualism of this verse accepts and loves all, truly and equally. At one point in our lives, we all have this question. Why am I here? What is my purpose? This verse answers those cogitations with having faith. What will happen, will happen. Just have faith. 


Qadam Badha Le

Hadon Ko Mita Le

Aaja Khaalipaan Main

Pi Ka Ghar Tera

Tere Bin Khaali Aaja Khaalipaan Mein


(Move forward,

 Cross the boundaries,

 Come fill this void,

 In the home of your beloved

 It is hollow without you, come fill this void)

You matter. You are all loved and cared for, you just need to realise it. Going away is never a good option, you are deeply loved from where you belong. Your leaving will leave an unfilled empty space in the hearts of those who care. Hearts that will always carry the burden of your loss. No one can replace your being, only you can fill the missing piece. This is for all those who ever thought they were worthless and not worthy of being. For all the broken hearted who thought they weren’t enough, this verse speaks to them how they always be enough where they belong!


Man Ke Mere Yeh Bharam

Kachche Mere Yeh Bharam

Leke Chale Hain Kaha

Mein Toh Jaanu hi Na


(I haven’t a clue where I head,

 With only the vanity of my soul and my misdeeds)

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone carries the burden of them. Everyone feels lost and falls prey to pride and vanity. One of the seven deadly sins, with pride and vanity one places their happiness in other people’s hands and expectations. We feel broken by the ego that has led us to nothingness. We all pass through this stage, it is essential we pass through and learn from it. 

This Qawwali poem has beautifully weaved spiritualism and humanity. 

Kun Faya Kun healed many hearts. It made a generation of listeners feel accepted. The artistic verses of Sufi poetry is the saving soul of this new era of music.

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