Meet’s 2020

I remember mid-Jan 2020 I asked my parents should I look for alternate transportation for college due to Covid 19 as the local train felt risky. They promptly responded with a question and a statement!

What is Covid 19?

Stop being so scared!

Here we are almost a year later where this virus took the world to its knees. For months time stopped and everything we were used to ceased to exist. No-one had seen anything like it before and everyone was as confused and anxious those around them. 

It became the year I did not get everything I wanted but appreciate everything I had. 

I realised how much the small things mean to us, while not being with friends but playing online games became an excellent alternative to pass time. I started appreciating each interaction we had. I spent countless hours playing card games with the family. I suddenly had so much free time available I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I wanted to do everything. 

Personally, 2020 was a very unique year for me. I don’t mind staying indoors for a long period of time and that aided in passing those lockdown months. It gave me time to think critically and start loopy.

It honestly felt like an endless summer vacation. But the more I read about how the world is suffering, the more I tuned out of it. I could not bring myself to open the news to hear the bad story or the death numbers of the day! This opened my eyes to the disparity we had in the world. While half the world was suffering the other half’s greatest problem was not having enough cake ingredients. We are privileged enough to pass the year as comfortably as possible. It is our right to help others during their time of need. 

I am speaking from an excellent privileged point of view and I understand their people whose lives have turned to hell because of this pandemic. I urge all of you to donate to those in need. A little help goes a long long way!

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