Mystical Girnar

Days were smoothly passing by with my regular practise of reading one book after another. Suddenly I get a message by a friend about a book he bought. The picture of the book instantly pulled my heart towards it and ordered immediately from Amazon. I waited eagerly for it to arrive as if waiting for some precious part of me to reconnect. I started reading the book, it was in Gujrati and it was a long time since I read any Gujrati book! Initially it took me sometime to catch up on speed but as I was turning each page I felt enlightened and evolved, all my long unanswered questions were answered with ease and very much resonating with my belief and perspective of life. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and one day while I was travelling I thought of creating it in English.  I loved the book and felt this wisdom has to reach out to the world. Something that our land offers, sacredness that we hold as part of our country is our pride and this is definitely meant for worldwide readers/seekers who have questions like me about spirituality. If I may put it in simpler version, this Book ‘Gebi Girnar’ (Gujrati) and now ‘Mystical Girnar’ ( English) is “Spirituality simplified”.

I got in touch with Publisher and checked if translation is possible? After getting a nod from him, my visit was planned to Mount Girnar. I climbed 9999 steps to understand the depth of energy further. After I returned I felt strongly that I should meet the Author before I commence.  I got in touch with him and figured out he lives in Keshod, near Junagadh (Gujrat, India). I traveled back to meet him personally and take his permission to translate his divine creation. I went with all the zest and love and expectations of many answers that I wanted from him. When I entered his house, it was a warm and loving welcome and I learned that he has no memory of the past. Due to his weak physical health, doesn’t talk much. All my expectations of getting answers were crushed in a second. I inquired further with his wife who was so loving , she informed me it is all the grace of Guru. His Guru Madhavanandji instructed him to write and when both books were out and available,  he asked him to give up all his Siddhis (accomplishments), including memories of his Girnar stay. We may call it any disease but it is for him to transition smoothly without any ego when his time comes. My first encounter of greatness and simplicity. I was touched. Somewhere I felt, this is what I was finding. In the world of pretentious beings, there lives rare souls like him who can give up years and years of penance and accomplishments with just one instruction of Guru. I quickly bowed to him to seek his permission and asked him to do energy transmission so I can do justice to his work.  He called me his daughter and lovingly embraced me with blessings.  I returned to Girnar hills to explore sights mentioned in the books. I went to several places myself.. all alone in the jungle and how I loved that expedition.  I did get some divine intervention and signs which confirmed the right direction. This was my first hand direct experience of the magical land of Girnar. I did meet and interact with some of the saints residing in foothills. All I can say to sum up my experience was “Mystical”. 

After returning to Mumbai I decided to start with translation.  Believe me I had no previous experience of translating text into any language. Somehow I was confident and if I may say to express my inner feeling, it was some force pushing me to do it. Force beyond my limited self.  I started with the translation and I felt a different. It was like Sadhana for me. Going into depth of work, to understand, to dive into this state and then translate and put it up without hampering the essence. 

This is my journey of Mystical Girnar and to keep my promise after the book was printed,  the first copy I handed over to Anantraiji and other saints residing in Girnar. The book was launched by divine hands of Bhaishree Rameshbhai Oza on a virtual platform.  It just kept on adding blessings to my life. 

As it reached many readers, I started getting calls for visiting Girnar. Which we concluded last week. Mystical Girnar Retreat where we explore all different parts of the mountain and climb steep stairs and meditate in ancient energy spots. 

I can just go on and on about it as a booklover but here I would like to hold myself until we meet again. 

Love for books have always opened new doors for me and yes I have to admit Mystical Girnar came in as a life changing book. May you all keep reading and bring transformation that you are meant to. 

Megha Darji

Lockdown- blessing in disguise!