I still remember the very moment we clicked that picture and no amount of words would do justice to my myriad of emotions that I probably never will be able to find the right words for, hence I tend to leave it just at the picture but I want you to know that it’s this image that I keep going back to time and again. Revisiting it like an old diary, that I’ve kept hidden far away beneath old piles of books, afraid it’ll ever be found. Maybe that’s why I have never thought of you as a memory I would like to treasure in my safe, rather among books that I so passionately am fond of. Maybe some day I could steal a few words from these, to describe what you make me feel. Well again, I don’t think my mere words would do any good but I guess that’s all I have to synthsesize the very of feeling that You tend to ignite.Maybe that’s why they say, the mountains have answers to questions that have forever troubled you and all it takes is one pause. A pause to stop, stop the mind from those incessant thoughts and stop the urge to pace up life, maybe it was in between one of these pauses, in the midst of picturesque landscapes, that I realised that the one standing besides me himself was more divine than any other mountain. I don’t mean to call you divine in a godly manner, cause I know you won’t stop gloating, but yet again, maybe the feeling of acknowledging that it was you, you who I had been searching for all this while standing right besides me, hit me so hard that I realised that ki main pahado mein wajood dhoondhne nikli thi, jab sukoon meri baho mein tha. So yet again, I don’t know if it was the mountains or you, I guess I’ll never know but all I know is mohabbat ka nasha pahado mein dhoondhne nikli thi, magar tumhari nigahon mein dekhte hi, mere saath yeh kambakht pahad bhi tere sajde mein apna sar jhukane lage. Woh pal rahe na rahe magar aaj Us bhi us tasveer se humari baatein mukammal so hoti hai.


You know those moments where everything seems so surreal,as if you are amidst a Bollywood movie, living the most romantic life, with a cliché song in its background. A moment where everything seems to make sense and yet nothing makes sense. A moment so special that while you’re too busy living it, there is a looming fear over your head that it might get over and you want to make sure this feeling  never ends. A moment that cannot be defined in mere words and so you try not to explain it at all, afraid you will never find the right sentences to condense those emotions. Poetry to me is like that sweet fragrance, like fresh morning dew which sits still on moss green leaves, while you stare at its beauty, even while it slowly tends to fade into thin air. Similar to this dew, that is nothing more than just a tiny droplet of crystallized water, but manages to ignite a beautiful image, I write, to be able to capture the beauty in the slightest of things .To me life is all about those small moments, a series of seemingly meaningless moments that do nothing big but make the corners of my heart smile wide, to me that is enough!

Maybe that is why I capture these moments and you in images and synthesize them into my poems, with an attempt to weave magic, and most importantly to make others feel like it is their story being told and expressed through my words. 

Each one of us has a picture, that we go back to time and again, it may be a picture of an innocent baby smiling till his cheeks are all red, or a simple image of a lover, a red rose, a memory with a friend, a moment of truth. To me it is an image of these mountains that hold a piece of my heart. Woh kehte hai na pahado mein bani yaadein, mitane par bhi nahi mit ti. There is something serene about these picturesque landscapes, all clad in layers of white  snow, a sight so soothing to sore eyes, that you never seem to get enough of. So what happens when you are climbing these mountains in search of answers but all you get are more and more questions. Is not life a series of endless questions, but is it important to get all the answers. Maybe these mountains to some are about finding answers, maybe to some it is about seeking solace, to me it was a journey of seeking solace while I was struggling to find answers or  maybe it was just about an encounter with the divine. So maybe all I am doing is writing about god, or maybe it was just finding the divine in one. Life probably boils down to that one memory, that you hold onto so much, that you keep reliving it a gazillion times in your mind, while you sit and stare at that picture, cause that is all you have left. So here I am holding this picture in my hand, struggling to figure if it was you or these mountains that I fell in love with.

Virangi Doshi

An artist, book addict, and an impulsive poet on a
pilgrimage to find and write raw unaltered poetry.

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