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I love reading. I used to stay up the full night devouring books one by one. But like everyone as time passed my reading reduced due to other convenient options of entertainment. Mainly social media, tv shows and movies. The nights of binge reading turned to binge watching and somewhere along those lines, I stopped reading. But the problem was it is not that I did not want to read, it was that I did not have the motivation to do so. 

Then I bought a Kindle. I enjoy reading in the silence of the night and when I am travelling. And the Kindle was a total game changer!

It has a backlit display, so reading at night was extremely convenient. I could easily read books with the bedroom lights off and not cause eye strain. Moreover while travelling I could have thousands of books in my pocket, and if I wanted one I didn’t have all I needed was 2 minutes of internet connection. I started reading again, a lot. Everywhere I went, I had my Kindle on me. The convenience and the ease of reading with the Kindle got me back to my reading habit. 

Don’t get me wrong, the initial price is very steep at Rs. 7999. But if you read 27 books on it ( avg price of book Rs 300 ) the kindle has already repaid for itself. It has a battery life which will last for weeks on end. It has an inbuilt dictionary which makes searching the meaning of hard words a breeze. Moreover, it supports other languages if one of your family members likes reading they can use it too. 

Now I understand people like the smell and feel for books and an e-book cannot replicate it. But the ease of reading with one hand and the e-paper display won me over. A Kindle will last ages.

Nowadays we don’t hesitate buying kids a smartphone or a tablet but choose to neglect such an amazing piece of tech that will help them foster their creativity. This is an excellent alternative to give children instead of other smart devices. Moreover to regular readers like me having a device for reading significantly helps in ensuring we don’t get distracted by our phones. 

Advantages of having a kindle 

  • Convenience
  • Battery
  • Takes less physical space
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Perfect travel companion
  • Read in the dark
  • Easily accessible dictionary and ability to save notes
  • Cheaper in the long run

Kindle did help aid my reading and I cannot imagine not having one now. 

This is a purchase you will not regret!

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