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The Local Train

Starting in Chandigarh, four friends would change the independent artist scene in India. Taking inspiration from maestros like Lucky Ali, U2, and Nirvana their music combines Urdu and Hindi like a match made in heaven. Their lyrics are poetry. Deep. Soulful. Magical. Their raw, honest music touches the hearts of everyone. They convey emotions through their music beautifully.

Band Members

  • Raman Negi – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • Paras Thakur – Lead/Acoustic Guitar
  • Ramit Mehra – Bass Guitar
  • Sahil Sarin – Drums, Percussion

Album 1 – Alas Ke Pedh

Their debutant album released in 2015 won the hearts of every rock fan in India. They were a refreshing change in the scene and became one of the most sold independent albums in India. A flag bearer of angst and hope to the youth.

Choo Lo

Raman Negi wrote this song while working in Hyderabad to pursue his life in music. 

Choo lo is an enigma, an emotion you cannot describe. You feel each chord ringing through your veins and every heartbreak, every tear you ever cried all comes crawling back into your head. Love is beautiful but love haunts like nothing else ever does. No relationship is ever a failed relationship. You take lessons, memories and stories from each one and come out stronger, but Choo Lo isn’t about all those relationships that you think failed. It’s about that one, the one that got away, the one you cannot shake and no matter where you go or what you do, the one that will always remain your one epic love. There is magic in Raman’s voice, it makes you feel stuff. Such gentleness and compassion yet so passionate. 

Album 2 – Vaaqif

Often a band’s second album is the most important album they will produce as they tell the world the direction they want to move forward in. It showcases their growth as artists. The second album speaks with experience and age. The artists have learnt and stumbled along the way and this album proves that. Released in 2018 this album was well received with open arms of fans craving for more magic. 


Aftaab is one of my all time favourites. The slow paced instrumental is a treat to listen to. It is like a song written for a friend when he is feeling down. The ambience created by playing this song is extremely calming and relaxing. You can feel your heartbeat slow down as you take a deep breath. When they say music has healing abilities they must be talking about music like this. Give it a try, it won’t let you down. 

An all around amazing band contributing immensely to the Indian indie scene.

A third album is in the works and I cannot wait to hear it!

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